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Secure Data Destruction Hardware Disposal
What are the benefits of secure data destruction solutions from ITCS Group?

Peace of mind
You can be certain that all our secure data destruction and hardware disposal solutions more than exceed regulatory guidelines and are fully compliant with all relevant legislation in jurisdictions across APAC.
Our charges for secure data destruction are competitive and we specify no minimum quantity requirements.
Compliant with legislation & standards
All ITCS Group data destruction services and processes are compliant with all necessary legislation in the jurisdictions across APAC. By conforming to CPA and NIAP certification we meet global standards including US DoD 5220.22-M, German VSITR, Australian Defence Signals ACSI-33 (X1-P-PD).
Environmentally friendly
Our recycling and disposal services are fully regulatory compliant & we guarantee 0% landfill.
We provide secure collection service and perform data destruction and hardware destruction at our premises.
Contact ITCS Group today to discuss your data destruction and disposal requirements.

Case Studies
ITCS Group appointed to Project Manage application integration, consolidation and migration across Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney.

Global investment Bank employs ITCS Japan to Project Manage the build and migration to a new 15,000sq/ft Data Centre.

Global Investment Bank appoints ITCS Singapore to provide Telecoms Expense Management for an Asia-Pacific wide telecommunications review programme.

ITCS Group recently completed a Top Tier 1 Japanese Banking clients Speakerbus system endpoint upgrade to the latest technology. The ITCS technical team completed the upgrade seamlessly and successfully right first time. Learn more
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