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In this position, various information handled by individual systems such as investment banking (IB) business / related departments and customer information management systems used by branch users, various data management systems such as daily reports and projects, and analyst report distribution systems. You will be involved in the in-house development of migration, development, and maintenance to a new Web system for centralized management. In the future, it is expected that you will be in charge of converting existing businesses that are insufficiently digitized to the Web, linking data with peripheral systems, and introducing BI tools for the purpose of analyzing customer behavior.

  • Web UI/UX system design and development
  • Agile development
  • Design and operation of DevOps production framework
  • Mock based communication with users
  • Improving team development environment, CI/CD environment
  • Implementation of release procedures and mechanisms

System Stuck:

  • Windows-2019
  • Sharepoint-2019
  • Java-1.8
  • IBM WAS/HIS-9.0
  • IIS-9.0
  • Oracle-19/RHEL-8.5
  • MSSQL-2019

Skills and experience:

  • Java development (over 3 years)
  • SQL and RDB development (over 3 years)
  • Front-end systems development
  • Software development experience as a team
  • Strong communication skill
  • Japanese: Business level, English: Daily conversation level

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience involved in creating a framework for system production operation
  • Building DevOps Pipeline
  • Knowledge of system operation frameworks such as ITIL
  • Development experience using Angular (TypeScript), Spring Boot, REST API, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office VBA
  • Development experience using DevOps tools such as Git, Jenkins / Ansible, Selenium, etc.
  • Financial system development experience
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