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DevOps Engineer / SRE

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Be part of experts in advanced technologies of cloud, AI, blockchain, and IoT, but also experts in various digital fields such as data science, data visualization, cloud architecture, and system security are gathered from home and abroad. Safe management of huge and complex data, development and operation of platforms using agile and DevOps methods, analysis to reflect the data in management decisions, and visualization for easy understanding from the data. We will promote by fusing these latest digital technologies with the specialized knowledge has cultivated up to now, we will create a common platform and solutions in collaboration with the global market.


• Identify key projects that will result in significant cost savings or revenue.
• Identify product architecture changes in terms of reliability, performance, and availability with a data-driven approach.
• Reduce operating costs at KPMG Ignition Tokyo, set clear requirements to be accepted by any customer, and proactively plan efficiency and capacity to reduce system resource usage.
• Identify areas of the system that will not scale out, apply immediate mitigation measures, and encourage long-term resolution of these incidents
• Follow service level indicators (SLIs) to meet availability and latency goals for your team.
• Familiarize yourself with the domain and gain knowledge through recorded demos, conference discussions, or incident reviews.
• Execute RCA as a response to incidents and system outages, and actively prevent recurrence.
• Proceed with active and comprehensive leadership.
• Work in a coordinated manner.




  • Work closely with essential experience / skills / technical teams, experience in building / improving containerized environments / participating in global teams, actively collaborating with experts, following commitments / problem solving (debugging) Excellent ability. Ability to isolate problems that occur on the platform, solve problems, find the root cause
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP (Azure recommended)
  • PowerShell (*), and coding knowledge of Python (any one is possible) 
  •  Experience in version control (Git)
  • Knowledge about container technology (Docker)
  • Knowledge of CI / CD
  • Experience recording work logs using DevOps, JIRA, or similar tools


  • Azure Security Center Knowledge of Policy, Initiative
  • Knowledge of Azure Sentinel, Azure Identity Protection
  • Work experience using command line in Linux environment 
  • Experience of using tools using Azure DevOps or similar project management and Pipeline
  • Log and monitoring system Preferential (not required) if you have management experience, knowledge of Azure Monitoring, knowledge of automated development of Microsoft powerapps
  • Strong communication ability in Japanese.
  • English: Business level (TOEIC 800 points or higher)


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