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Data Center Engineer

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  • Provide hardware support for network, servers, storage, and hardware.
  • Management of the media eradication and dispose process.
  • Daily morning check and reporting of equipment hardware status (Visual check).
  • Rack & install / removal of physical hardware.
  • Installation or upgrade of hardware for servers, parts replacement.
  • Manage spare parts handling for all the Bank installed hardware. Controlling dispatch of faulty parts to Company’s contractors and coordinating with them for RMA.
  • Spare parts inventory management - Manage the inventory of spare parts and its status.
  • Equipment management - Management of equipment location in the racks and managing rack layout.
  • Asset management - Labelling and recording of assets, publish changes move / remove / decommission, periodic asset checking.
  • Vendor/Supplier coordination: Log hardware cases with respective supplier, manage spare parts & logging the issues and site access management.

  • Reporting management – issue daily report / handover document and monthly documents.
  • Act as the representative to escort other Company’s supplier requiring access to the Data Centers.
  • Basic defect testing and analysis of hardware issues including power cycle and simple parts replacement.
  • Access management – Data Center access log tracking / reporting
  • Provide support services regionally that is managed by Data Center management Team.
  • In the case of spike support, spike support engineers should have adequate experience, skill set and familiarity with the Bank procedures and operations to be capable of supporting dedicated on-site engineers.
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