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IT Service Technician

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As an IT Services Technician, you will ensure staff members have the tools at their disposal to produce the amazing products and services tasked with building and delivering. You will prepare, maintain, and support the daily usage of the Apple solutions that enable members to be highly productive while also remaining compliant with the corporateā€™s policies and standards. In addition to macOS based assets, you will be responsible for other productivity solutions available in the Tokyo Offices. Finally, you will be responsible for supporting different types of collaboration tools such as the Microsoft 365 suite, Azure DevOps, and other areas. You will proactively find solutions to ensure systems are secure and reliable for day to day use while providing courteous, prompt, and accurate technical assistance via helpdesk-tickets, instant messaging, email, and in person as well.

  • Provide different types of end-user IT services.
  • Solve daily usage issues that occur in macOS devices and different types of collaboration tools.
  • Answer technical queries from end users.
  • In concert with Human Resource team members, ensure new users are enrolled, on-boarded and offboarded.
  • Manage the Multitaction Production assets in collaboration with local IT department.
  • Troubleshoot and investigate networking issues for remote and work-from-home employees.
  • Analyze user requirements for hardware and software solutions and implement them by leveraging 3rd party applications.
  • Automate device rollout and ongoing management.
  • Collaborate with the local and global IT department members on compliance, security and system integration.
  • Research, test and implement macOS based management solutions for the laptops in use by our team members.
  • Adopt different types of collaboration tool and maintain them.
  • Maintain the knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides.
  • Continually updating technical knowledge and skills.

  • Ability to work with team members to assess needs, provide assistance, and resolve problems, using excellent problem-solving skills, verbal/written communication, and the ability to explain technical concepts to business audiences.
  • In-depth knowledge and work experience in configuring macOS systems.
  • Basic knowledge and work experience in configuring Windows systems.
  • Familiarity with management solutions such as Jamf Pro, macOS Active Directory integration and shell scripting.
  • Experience of 2 years or more, in supporting remote employees as an IT support staff.
  • Basic to Intermediate Network troubleshooting experience.
  • Some familiarity with Unix/MacOS command line tools for troubleshooting, automation, and incident investigation.
  • Engineer well structured, tested and documented management profiles, policies and patch management scripts.
  • Experience of various collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 (Teams, Sharepoint) and Azure DevOps
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