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IP Architect

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An IP Architect is needed to join the Connectivity Platform at a company.

1. IP Planning and Engineeting
2. SRV6 Implmenatation
3. Building standardized MOP for configiguration change
4. Defining NETCONF YANG models for auto provisioning
5. Building white box router solution
6. Designing HLD and LLD for IP network
7. Building IP Automation tool
8. TAC3 IP Problem solving during outages
9. IP Configuration audit
10 Implementing global IP best practice
11. Working with deployment team to ensure release of smooth IP Plan 

· Excellent Knowledge and hands on experience in designing MPLS (L2/L3 VPN/VRF-) and MPLS- TE, BGP, QOS, segment routing based network

· Excellent knowledge of ISIS and BGP routing communities

· Experience in redistribution policy, access list and handling Cisco EPNM system

· Should have basic knowledge of optics, fiber and DWDM network

· Experience in IPv6 networking and designing IPv6 network

· Experience in design and deployment of large scale service provider network

· Excellent Knowledge and hands on troubleshooting experience on Segment Routing, IPv6, MPLS network specially in Cisco routers

· Expert on at least one of below coding languages - Python , Java , JavaScript, Go , Perl , Ruby

· CCIE Lab Certification - preferred

· Excellent knowledge on telecom services and technologies

· Hands on experience in Tier-1 operator. Attest 10 years

· Hands on experience in Cisco IOS XR, NCS hardware, ASR routers etc.

· Work experience on Linux operating system and Virtualization

· Good understanding of data science and machine learning

· Experience in yang modelling


General Requirement

· Strong Communication Skills (Written and Verbal)

· Excellent customer handling skills and escalation management skills

· Work experience in Cisco router automation

· 10 years + experience in Service provider domain

· Bilingual language speaker (Japanese and English)

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