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Singapore    Cloud and Virtualization    Contract   

This project is to architect, design, and implement a new layer of automation within the client’s existing Horizon based HVD platform that will provide automated replication service of individual virtual machines. This service will be subscribed to by users of the platform in order to provide a business continuity service level that will protect the users from large scale outages that may affect a service range between the hypervisor cluster levels through the holistic datacentre level

  • Assist the client’s engineering teams with the documentation and technical validation for the development of the new BCP service automation that will include full details on the service functionality and configuration, including all components of the infrastructure level and the software.

  • Design must include a fully detailed layout of all programming code that is to be developed and released as part of this project to ensure rigorous quality control

  • Assist and support the client’s engineering team through the internal permit to define/build/operate process for design approval for production release.

  • Ensure implementation of the service as designed. All development “code” required to function within existing automation platforms

  • Deliver workflow implementation to handle the end to end execution of the services functionality

  • Establishment of replication, inclusive of placement and container creation for the destination virtual machine. 

  • Monitoring and alerting on replication health/failures for action by the operations team. 

  • Inventory management of the replication partners and relationships 

  • Replication breaks and user’s permission shifts for the activation of BCP services un the event aforementioned failure scenarios

  • Controlled reversal, on the reestablishment of normal operations, to allow for the secondary virtual machine to be synchronized with the primary (reversed replication) 

  • Users assignment reversion to replication normalization (revert to standard replication of primary to secondary) to allow user to log back into their primary session/instance. 

  • Development will use vRA/vRO 7.5/8.1, Visual Studio 2017 (.Net CORE, Sql Server Management Studio 17.9.1,EFcore SQL  Server 3.1.6,NetCoreApp 2.2.8,Asp.Net.oData 7.4.1)

  • Handle the UI/UX designs and the subsequent implementation of these to allow the operations teams a simple, easy, and error free method of managing the service

  • Provide operational support of the service as implemented until service settles into a BAU mode of operations

  • Well versed in both VMware hypervisor infrastructure services and VMware Horizon VDI architecture and design

  • Extensive experience with vRA/vRO 7.5/8.1, Visual Studio 2017 (.Net CORE, Sql Server Management Studio 17.9.1,EFcore SQL  Server 3.1.6,NetCoreApp 2.2.8,Asp.Net.oData 7.4.1)

  • At least 4-6 years of work experience in financial industry with an excellent understanding of VMware automation

  • Successful track record of driving the design, implementation and administration of vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator solutions

  • REST API Experience

  • PowerShell Programming/Scripting Experience

  • Successfully participated in development projects of similar size and role

  • Seasoned team member previously worked in a high-pressure environment

  • Excellent analytical skills.

  • Must be a quick Learner

  • Part of a team that will interface with various internal teams

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