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Backend Data Engineer

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The ideal candidate will be an experienced IT software engineer with extensive experience on highly available, high throughput backend systems development. You will be expected to design databases and containers based API services, integrate security, guide networking requirements, design for high availability and horizontal scalability. You will also plan your application monitoring and servicing capabilities for auto-scaling, nearly zero-downtime upgrades and so on.

Design and develop backend systems for data ingestion, transformation and querying; 
- Ensure backend systems have no single point of failure and are ready to scale on demand; - Write well-
documented, testable code; 
- Maintain high unit test coverage of your own code; 
- Write interactive documentation for your API's (using swagger); 
- Work together with DevOps team to automate your CI/CD pipelines; 
- Work together with SecOps team to achieve requirements for production deployment and L1 operations 
- Provide L2 support for troubleshooting and solving issues when they cannot be worked around by L1;  
- Support and mentor younger members on their career development as a backend engineer;  
- Support offshore development;  

- 8+ years experience on Software Development 
- 5+ years experience on Backend Systems development - 3+ years experience with Java development 
- 1+ years experience developing RESTful API's 
- 1+ years experience with docker 
- Experience with SQL & NoSQL databases; 
- Able to design backend systems end-to-end by yourself - Able to learn and adapt to new technologies
Experience with Developing for deployment on Kubernetes environment; - Experience with Reactive Programmin 
- Experience with Node.Js backend development; 
- Experience with messaging queues (preferably Kafka)  
- Experience with designing API's to support bulk requests; - Experience with GraphQL  
- Experience with Socket.IO 

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