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QA Engineer

Japan    Quality Assurance    Permanent/Contract   

Looking for a localization testing in Japan.  It is for a native (iOS and Android) mobile application. The testing is both functional (making sure all aspects work against test cases that are already documented) and localization (making sure that the content is written correctly in Japanese, etc.). The testing has been relatively straight forward, with a few test cases that have required clarification from the customer, who is easy to access and work with.  The reason for all this is that there is an obligation to have a portion of this testing completed on Japanese soil with Japanese networks.


- Experience software test engineer who can read Japanese and who can readspeakwrite English fluently.

- The test cases and defect management will all be in English.

- The application being tested will be in Japanese.

- Speaking in Japanese should not be needed.

 - They must have 3+ years of software testing experience. 

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