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Infrastructure Engineer - Cloud Platform Department

Japan    Cloud and Virtualization    Permanent   

Job description

We have more than 60 million users and some of the most popular Internet services in the world. The many new services created here every day need an agile, scalable and reliable platform to run on.

Job responsibilities

·         Design, Construction, Maintenance, Engineering for our DNS server, monitoring server, and Load Balancer

·         Lead the DNS policy in our infrastructure team

·         Make monitoring systems (performance, metric, and log) by using OSS solutions such as grafana, ELK, fluentd, etc.

·         Support application developers and system administrators to make required infrastructure

·         Lead architect in infrastructure, especially in DNS and Load Balancer

·         Make automation by using OSS automation tools, such as ansible, chef, etc.

Job requirements

·         Up-to-date related knowledge and technical skills required to design and operate our core products and services

·         Willing to challenge OSS products everywhere

·         5+ years' related work experience

·         Troubleshooting related work experience

·         Advanced skills in Linux server

·         Advanced skills in DNS technologies (BIND, PowerDNS, etc.)

·         Advanced skills in scripting language (Bash, Perl, Python, etc.)

·         Deep understanding of DNS mechanism

·         Basic skills in Network protocol (TCP, VLAN, VXLAN, OSPF, BGP, etc.)

·         Basic skills in automation technologies (Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, etc.)

·         Understanding of Encryption (SSL/TLS)

·         Communication skills for customers and good teamwork

·         Capable of continuous self-learning



·         Advanced skills in Network protocol (5+ years' work experience in network)

·         Business level Japanese

·         Experience of work in an international team

·         Work experience of project management

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