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In light of the recent challenges posed by COVID-19, there has been an urgent need for businesses and services to operate and work online and remotely, ITCS has extensive experience providing consulting services to help these businesses adopt innovative IT Solutions.


Having supported businesses with multiple services across APAC, ITCS has been a trusted partner to both SMEs and MNCs for over 13 years. We understand that every business is different and aim to provide flexible quality solutions that will cater to your needs and ensure your business will thrive, even in an online and remote environment. Here are some of the services that we are currently helping our clients with:


Any Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses who are looking to digitalise and optimise performance at work. The objective is to ensure business continuity, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.


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We offer companies End User Home Support Visits for IT Support and Remote Working as one of our flexible solutions.

The scope of services for a Home Support Visit are:

  • Hardware purchase
  • Desktop/Laptop Connectivity to multiple monitors (maximum 3 monitors)
  • Monitor Stand Fixing and connecting to Desktop
  • Local Printer Configuration if applicable
  • Installation and Maintenance of Application Program and Anti-Virus Software
  • Configuration of Desktop/Laptop to preferred or required specifications
  • Setting up of Virtual Private Network for seamless access to physical servers in office remotely
  • Integration with online file storage solution for higher productive virtual collaboration
  • SGD 450* per visit

*Each solution is unique and will depend on the services required for each company. ITCS will tailor and customise the solution based on the services required, the number of users, any hardware/software purchase and technical support assistance. Investment in these critical services will generally be between SGD 10,000 to SGD 50,000+ depending on scope and scale.

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