Career Portal

Every day, ITCS people are helping companies to deliver change, add value and grow. Our customers have come to expect the best from us. In response, we recruit truly outstanding people from across the world and we provide them with exciting assignments, an environment in which to grow and the opportunity to work across the Asia Pacific region.

The nature of our work means that everyone at ITCS has to keep themselves ahead of the curve and at the forefront of technology. We ensure that our employees receive ongoing technology updates, project management, communication and leadership training and, most importantly, are given the time needed to effectively learn, understand and become experts in our client’s businesses.

Our people enjoy the rewards of being part of a highly motivated, challenging, multi-cultural and professional environment. However, we also believe that work should be fun and rewarding! So, if you’re bright, energetic and professional and would like to join the ITCS Group, then please contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

  We currently have openings for the following positions:
# Job ID Position Location
1 ITCS-4948 MS SQL Server Developer Hong Kong
2 ITCS-4950 Project Manager (Top Tier Law Firm) Hong Kong
3 ITCS-4952 C# Developer, Equity Derivatives Japan
4 ITCS-4946 Network Engineer Hong Kong
5 ITCS-4942 Information Security Specialist Japan
6 ITCS-4940 Voice Support Engineer Japan
7 ITCS-4941 SAP Project Manager Singapore
8 ITCS-4927 Network Engineer Japan
9 ITCS-4912 Assistant Japan
10 ITCS-4926 Data Center Hardware Engineer Japan
11 ITCS-4917 Data Warehouse Sales Manager Singapore
12 ITCS-4921 Test Lead Japan
13 ITCS-4920 System Administrator (Unix AIX) Hong Kong
14 ITCS-4828 Senior IT Engineer Hong Kong
15 ITCS-4913 IT Service Desk Singapore
16 ITCS-4909 Network Engineer Japan
17 ITCS-4895 Application Production Support Analyst Singapore
18 ITCS-4896 Desktop Support Engineer (3 openings) Singapore
19 ITCS-4894 MAC Engineer Japan
20 ITCS-4884 Lead (IT Infrastructure) Change Consultant Hong Kong
21 ITCS-4881 Windows 10 Migration Project Manager Hong Kong
22 ITCS-4876 Network Security Operations Engineer Singapore
23 ITCS-4874 VMware Virtualization Engineer (PowerCLI) Singapore
24 ITCS-4873 Linux Systems Engineer Singapore
25 ITCS-4872 Server Engineer Japan
26 ITCS-4871 C# Developer Japan
27 ITCS-4870 Project Manager Japan
28 ITCS-4807 .NET Developer SA/ SAP Hong Kong
29 ITCS-4869 Database Administrator Hong Kong
30 ITCS-4788 Network Administrator Hong Kong
31 ITCS-4842 Computer Operator Hong Kong
32 ITCS-4850 Regional Project Manager Singapore
33 ITCS-4825 Application Specialist Singapore
34 ITCS-4818 Java Developer Associate/Vice President Japan
35 ITCS-4805 Windows 10 Migration Technical Project Manager Singapore
36 ITCS-4804 Storage Engineer (VMware) Singapore
37 ITCS-4203 Recruitment Team Lead Japan
38 ITCS-4796 Network Engineer Japan
39 ITCS-4764 Infrastructure Project Manager Japan
40 ITCS-4790 Application Programmer Hong Kong
41 ITCS-4783 Principal Production Services Engineer, Associate / Vic... Japan
42 ITCS-4782 Equity Derivatives C# Developer, Associate Japan
43 ITCS-4772 AVP, Production Support Analyst Japan
44 ITCS-4770 VMware Virtualization Engineer Singapore
45 ITCS-4773 Desktop Support Japan
46 ITCS-4762 Systems Engineer Singapore
47 ITCS-4761 Systems Analyst Singapore
48 ITCS-4745 Hadoop & NoSQL Engineer Singapore
49 ITCS-4729 IT Manager Singapore
50 ITCS-4724 Software Developer Singapore
51 ITCS-4696 Project Manager Hong Kong
52 ITCS-4713 C# Developer Japan
53 ITCS-4710 Rates-FX Valuation Controller, Associate Japan
54 ITCS-4709 Business Manager Support Japan
55 ITCS-4695 Business Analyst Hong Kong
56 ITCS-4703 Service Desk Analyst Hong Kong
57 ITCS--466 Project Manager Hong Kong
58 ITCS-4690 IT Solutions Consultant (Business Development) Singapore
59 ITCS-4675 Senior Infrastructure Analyst Hong Kong
60 ITCS-4669 Senior Customer Support Analyst Hong Kong
61 ITCS-4640 IT Project Manager Singapore
62 ITCS-4653 Field Application Engineer (Server) Japan
63 ITCS-4636 Network Project Engineer Singapore
64 ITCS-4617 Java Developer Hong Kong
65 ITCS-4616 IT Support Engineer Singapore
66 ITCS-4594 Junior Business Analyst (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
67 ITCS-4605 Database and Application Specialist (BI) Hong Kong
68 ITCS-4595 Business Analyst Singapore
69 ITCS-4551 SAP Project Manager (SD/MM) Singapore
70 ITCS-4549 Director (Compensation & Benefits) Singapore
71 ITCS-4534 Associate Consultant Hong Kong
72 ITCS-4359 Linux System Administrator Hong Kong
73 ITCS-4537 Linux System Administrator Japan
74 ITCS-4531 Linux and Virtualization System Administrator Japan
75 ITCS-4516 Security Consultant Hong Kong
76 ITCS-4524 VMware Virtualization Engineer Singapore
77 ITCS-4519 Data Architect Hong Kong
78 ITCS-4511 IT PMO Manager (Logistic Solutions) Singapore
79 ITCS-4499 Solutions Consultant Hong Kong
80 ITCS-4490 Data Analyst Singapore
81 ITCS-4481 Audiovisual Level 1 Support Engineer Hong Kong
82 ITCS-4475 Cyber Security Manager Singapore
83 ITCS-4465 Wechat Product Manager (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
84 ITCS-4473 Applications Development Team Lead / Engineer Hong Kong
85 ITCS-4471 Systems Engineer (Data Center) Singapore
86 ITCS-4470 Data Center Sales Manager (Colocation/ Mission Critical... Singapore
87 ITCS-4281 Network Project Manager Hong Kong
88 ITCS-4460 Software Developer Hong Kong
89 ITCS-4458 Program Manager (Network and Data Centre) Singapore
90 ITCS-4444 Desktop Support Engineer Hong Kong
91 ITCS-4448 Technical Consultant Japan
92 ITCS-4432 Perimeter (Network) Security Specialist Singapore
93 ITCS-4428 Database Administrator Hong Kong
94 ITCS-4418 Developer Hong Kong
95 ITCS-4406 Database and Applications Specialist Hong Kong
96 ITCS-4399 Data Scientist (Perm) Singapore
97 ITCS-4347 Linux Engineer Singapore
98 ITCS-4307 Trade Floor Support Engineer (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
99 ITCS-4304 IT Service Desk Officer position (Part-Time) Singapore
100 ITCS-4282 Network Support Engineer Singapore
101 ITCS-4225 Project Manager Singapore
102 ITCS-4224 Big Data Engineer (Hadoop/ NoSQL) Singapore
103 ITCS-4222 IT Manager Singapore
104 ITCS-4223 Cyber Security Consultant Singapore
105 ITCS-4204 Desktop Support Engineer (Shanghai) China
106 ITCS-4134 Security Open Source Framework Architect Singapore
107 ITCS-4135 Big Data Security Consultant Singapore
108 ITCS-4129 Data Scientist Singapore
109 ITCS-4108 SAP Application Manager (SD & MM) Singapore
110 ITCS-4101 Cyber Security Analyst Singapore
111 ITCS-4102 Senior SAP FICO Analyst Singapore
112 ITCS-3998 Project Manager (Mobile-Pay Application) Japan
113 ITCS-3996 IT Engineer Singapore
114 ITCS-3934 Infrastructure Engineer Singapore
115 ITCS-3933 SAP FICO Consultant Singapore
116 ITCS-3932 Android Mobile Engineer Singapore
117 ITCS-3907 Data Scientist Singapore
118 ITCS-3702 AV Support Engineer Singapore
119 ITCS-3557 Database Developer (Investment Bank) - Shanghai China
120 ITCS-3556 Analyst Application Development (Investment Bank) - Sha... China
121 ITCS-3555 Infrastructure Project Manager (Investment Bank) - Shan... China
122 ITCS-3553 Java Developer (Investment Bank) - Shanghai China
123 ITCS-3538 Algo Trading Java Developer (Investment bank) - Shangha... China
124 ITCS-3455 Mobile Engineer (Shanghai) China
125 ITCS-3432 L3 Voice Operations Engineer India
# Job ID Position
1 ITCS-4948 MS SQL Server Developer
2 ITCS-4950 Project Manager (Top Tier Law Firm)
3 ITCS-4946 Network Engineer
4 ITCS-4920 System Administrator (Unix AIX)
5 ITCS-4828 Senior IT Engineer
6 ITCS-4884 Lead (IT Infrastructure) Change Consultant
7 ITCS-4881 Windows 10 Migration Project Manager
8 ITCS-4807 .NET Developer SA/ SAP
9 ITCS-4869 Database Administrator
10 ITCS-4788 Network Administrator
11 ITCS-4842 Computer Operator
12 ITCS-4790 Application Programmer
13 ITCS-4696 Project Manager
14 ITCS-4695 Business Analyst
15 ITCS-4703 Service Desk Analyst
16 ITCS--466 Project Manager
17 ITCS-4675 Senior Infrastructure Analyst
18 ITCS-4669 Senior Customer Support Analyst
19 ITCS-4617 Java Developer
20 ITCS-4594 Junior Business Analyst (Investment Bank)
21 ITCS-4605 Database and Application Specialist (BI)
22 ITCS-4534 Associate Consultant
23 ITCS-4359 Linux System Administrator
24 ITCS-4516 Security Consultant
25 ITCS-4519 Data Architect
26 ITCS-4499 Solutions Consultant
27 ITCS-4481 Audiovisual Level 1 Support Engineer
28 ITCS-4465 Wechat Product Manager (Investment Bank)