Career Portal

Every day, ITCS people are helping companies to deliver change, add value and grow. Our customers have come to expect the best from us. In response, we recruit truly outstanding people from across the world and we provide them with exciting assignments, an environment in which to grow and the opportunity to work across the Asia Pacific region.

The nature of our work means that everyone at ITCS has to keep themselves ahead of the curve and at the forefront of technology. We ensure that our employees receive ongoing technology updates, project management, communication and leadership training and, most importantly, are given the time needed to effectively learn, understand and become experts in our client’s businesses.

Our people enjoy the rewards of being part of a highly motivated, challenging, multi-cultural and professional environment. However, we also believe that work should be fun and rewarding! So, if you’re bright, energetic and professional and would like to join the ITCS Group, then please contact us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

  We currently have openings for the following positions:
# Job ID Position Location
1 ITCS-5906 Embedded Firmware Senior Engineer - Listed IoT company Hong Kong
2 ITCS-5945 Finance Manager - Listed IoT Firm Hong Kong
3 ITCS-5922 Data Analytics Evangelist - A well-known finance firm Hong Kong
4 ITCS-5994 Business Analyst (Web/ Top-tier iBank) Hong Kong
5 ITCS-5968 Senior Programme Manager Hong Kong
6 ITCS-5625 Data Engineer - A well-known finance firm Hong Kong
7 ITCS-5801 Java Developer (AP level) IoT Business Hong Kong
8 ITCS-5787 Core Java Developer (FICC, AVP/VP) - Leading US investm... Hong Kong
9 ITCS-5976 Python Developer Leading US IBank Hong Kong
10 ITCS-5675 C++ Low Latency Developer (Quant Team) A leading inve... Hong Kong
11 ITCS-5676 Quant C#/C++ Developer Leading IBank Hong Kong
12 ITCS-5696 Core Java Developer - A leading IBank Hong Kong
13 ITCS-5999 Audio Visual Engineer Hong Kong
14 ITCS-5973 KYC Quality Control Analyst Hong Kong
15 ITCS-5949 Application Production Support Hong Kong
16 ITCS-5988 Sr. Network Engineer Hong Kong
17 ITCS-5693 Windows System Administrator Hong Kong
18 ITCS-5998 Java Developer - Trading System Japan
19 ITCS-5969 PMO Platform Sales Japan
20 ITCS-5964 Business Analyst Japan
21 ITCS-5958 IT Project Manager Singapore
22 ITCS-5953 PMO Analyst / Infrastructure Project Management Japan
23 ITCS-5956 Desktop Support Engineer Japan
24 ITCS-5952 Java/C++ Developer Japan
25 ITCS-5942 STP Developer Japan
26 ITCS-5935 Security Consultant Japan
27 ITCS-5918 AVP/VP - Software Developer - Securities Control (Phyto... Singapore
28 ITCS-5886 AVP/VP Software Developer - Securities Software Singapore
29 ITCS-5875 AVP/VP Sofware Developer - Reference Data (Scala) Singapore
30 ITCS-5921 Japan Middle Office Production Services, Associate Japan
31 ITCS-5920 Win 10 Engineer Japan
32 ITCS-5919 DevOps Engineer Japan
33 ITCS-5904 IT Quality Analyst/ITSM/Change Management Japan
34 ITCS-5864 Back-end/Full-stack Engineer Japan
35 ITCS-5903 Front End Developer Japan
36 ITCS-5902 Desktop Engineer Japan
37 ITCS-5913 Data Center Operator Singapore
38 ITCS-5839 Network Integration Engineer Japan
39 ITCS-5819 Technical Account Manager Japan
40 ITCS-5820 Integration Engineer Japan
41 ITCS-5817 IT Infrastructure Services Japan
42 ITCS-5809 Project Management Officer Singapore
43 ITCS-5796 IP Engineering - Assistant Director Singapore
44 ITCS-5749 IT Engineer Singapore
45 ITCS-5748 Data Engineer Singapore
46 ITCS-5741 Network Security Engineer Singapore
47 ITCS-5698 Senior Network Operation / Implementation Engineer Japan
48 ITCS-5608 Recruitment Consultant Hong Kong
49 ITCS-5695 Network Project Engineer Singapore
50 ITCS-5679 Infrastructure Analyst Hong Kong
51 ITCS-5677 Procurement Manager (VP Level), Leading Investment Bank Hong Kong
52 ITCS-5672 Procurement Manager Singapore
53 ITCS-5671 VMware Migration Engineer Singapore
54 ITCS-5437 Windows 10 Migration Engineer Hong Kong
55 ITCS-5650 Data Network Engineer Hong Kong
56 ITCS-5656 Senior System Administrator Hong Kong
57 ITCS-5635 Circuit Sourcing and Vendor Management Consultant Hong Kong
58 ITCS-5577 Network Business Analyst Hong Kong
59 ITCS-5347 Store Support Analyst Hong Kong
60 ITCS-5633 Client FIX Integration Specialist Hong Kong
61 ITCS-5640 Senior JavaScript Developer (ReactJS & node.js) Hong Kong
62 ITCS-5641 AV / VC Project Manager Singapore
63 ITCS-5638 Senior System Administrator Singapore
64 ITCS-5637 Data Scientist (Junior) Singapore
65 ITCS-5632 PMO Analyst / Infrastructure Project Management Japan
66 ITCS-5631 Windows Support Engineer (L3) - Cyber Security Singapore
67 ITCS-5630 System Engineer Singapore
68 ITCS-5629 System & Infrastructure Project Engineer Singapore
69 ITCS-5615 Desktop Support Engineer (GMSS) Singapore
70 ITCS-5614 Product Manager - Managed Security Services Singapore
71 ITCS-5613 Senior Security Analyst Singapore
72 ITCS-5585 Infrastructure Project Manager Singapore
73 ITCS-5578 Network Engineer Singapore
74 ITCS-5583 IT Support Consultant (Team Lead) Singapore
75 ITCS-5582 IT Support Consultant Singapore
76 ITCS-5581 Data Centre Engineer Singapore
77 ITCS-5580 Voice Operation Engineer Singapore
78 ITCS-5579 Junior Network PM Singapore
79 ITCS-5576 Server Engineer Singapore
80 ITCS-5572 Data Centre Engineer Japan
81 ITCS-5559 DevOps Engineer Singapore
82 ITCS-5554 Software Developer Singapore
83 ITCS-5553 Network Security Architect Singapore
84 ITCS-5522 Network Engineer Singapore
85 ITCS-5491 Senior Service Manager - Education Services Japan
86 ITCS-5489 Solutions Consultant (IT Support) Singapore
87 ITCS-5442 Windows Support Engineer (L3) Singapore
88 ITCS-5439 IT Engineer Singapore
89 ITCS-5366 IT Engineer Hong Kong
90 ITCS-5417 Web Application Engineer (Merchant Back End System) Japan
91 ITCS-5418 Web Application Engineer (Merchant Back End System) Japan
92 ITCS-5419 Web Application Engineer (Front End - ECMD) Japan
93 ITCS-5420 Web Application Engineer (Bookmark/ Notification Servic... Japan
94 ITCS-5422 Infrastructure Engineer - Cloud Platform Department Japan
95 ITCS-5413 Senior Network Operation/Implementation Engineer Japan
96 ITCS-5399 Network Engineer Singapore
97 ITCS-5398 Network Implementation Engineer Singapore
98 ITCS-5396 Scrum Master-AI Products Japan
99 ITCS-5355 IPAM Engineer Hong Kong
100 ITCS-5304 Test Manager Hong Kong
101 ITCS-5310 Release Manager Hong Kong
102 ITCS-5351 IT Support & Network Engineer Hong Kong
103 ITCS-5369 Senior DevOPs Storage Engineer Hong Kong
104 ITCS-5251 Data Center Operator Hong Kong
105 ITCS-5394 Oracle DBA Singapore
106 ITCS-5383 Frontend Developer (well-known insurance company) Hong Kong
107 ITCS-5382 DevOps Engineer Hong Kong
108 ITCS-5287 Active Directory Server Architects (top tier investment... Hong Kong
109 ITCS-5286 Business Analyst (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
110 ITCS-5315 Business Analyst (Global top tier bank) Hong Kong
111 ITCS-5312 Agile Programme Manager (Top-tier Global Bank) Hong Kong
112 ITCS-5313 Project Manager (Top-tier Global Bank) Hong Kong
113 ITCS-3924 Telecom Expense Management Analyst Hong Kong
114 ITCS-5368 BI Developer Hong Kong
115 ITCS--528 DevOps Linux & Virtualization System Engineer Hong Kong
116 ITCS-5307 Lead Solution Architect (Digitization) Hong Kong
117 ITCS-5309 Digital Lead Engineer Hong Kong
118 ITCS-5363 DevOps and Cloud Software Engineer Hong Kong
119 ITCS-5372 Equities Application Support Engineer (ITCS-5372) Japan
120 ITCS-5350 Senior Data Center Operations Engineer Japan
121 ITCS-5342 Data Scientist Singapore
122 ITCS-5344 IPAM Engineer Singapore
123 ITCS-5337 Project Coordinator (Change Management) Singapore
124 ITCS-5336 Data Protection Business Analyst Singapore
125 ITCS-5335 Java Developer Singapore
126 ITCS-5300 Desktop Support Engineer Singapore
127 ITCS-5267 Java Lead Developer (VP) Singapore
128 ITCS-5262 Data Center Project Manager Japan
129 ITCS-5244 Windows 10 Migration Engineer (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
130 ITCS-5117 Finance Associate (IFRS/Accounting/Fintech or Saas Busi... Hong Kong
131 ITCS-5219 Network Engineer (Investment Bank) Hong Kong
132 ITCS-5226 Windows 10 Deployment Engineer Australia
133 ITCS-5245 IT Engineer Singapore
134 ITCS-5238 Windows 10 Deployment Engineer Singapore
135 ITCS-5183 Data Center Operation Engineer Japan
136 ITCS-5177 Senior Support Analyst, Associate Japan
137 ITCS-5170 Senior Mobile App Developer Hong Kong
138 ITCS-5139 Fulfillment Officer / Customer Service Officer Hong Kong
139 ITCS-5071 Data Scientist (Junior) Singapore
140 ITCS-5064 C#/Java Application Developer, Analyst/Associate Japan
141 ITCS-5062 IOT Planner Singapore
142 ITCS-5051 IT Service Desk Engineer Singapore
143 ITCS-5047 Network Project Engineer Singapore
144 ITCS-5021 PMO Program Manager Japan
145 ITCS-5022 Network Project Manager Singapore
146 ITCS-5009 Software Developer Japan